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Shyla + Laynie – Studio Session

We are in the middle of a nasty snow storm here in Charlotte. Reasons like this, and honestly because I hate the cold, is why I love having the option for studio sessions. These are perfect for these cold, winter months that aren’t so pretty as well as the dog days of summer when it’s unbearable to be outside (doesn’t that seem so far away?). We can curl up in the studio, relax and not worry about the rain, snow or temperatures out the front door. Sweet!

Shyla and Laynie spent an evening in the studio with me and I just fell in love with these shorties. They had sweet little personalities and, I swear, they smiled for their group shot…

Modern Pet Studio Portraits in NC
We also had some fun playing with the tennis ball…
Charlotte NC Pet Studio Photography
Modern Dog Studio Portraits
Gotta love those puppy dog eyes… <3
Charlotte NC Dog Studio Photographer
North Carolina Pet Portraits
 I hope you enjoyed these Doxies as much as I did!!!

Linus – Studio Session

Linus is a little superstar in this neck of the woods. He’s a therapy dog, master of all tricks, and one handsome show-off. Oh, and he does his fair share of modeling for me. ;)

So here are some of the fancy moves Linus worked for me in the studio…

“Super cute, ready to play”…

Modern Pet Studio Photography
“The Playgirl”…
Charlotte NC Dog Studio Photography
“Aren’t I adorbs as I look away from the camera”…
Charlotte NC Pet Studio Photographer
“High-fashion movement”…
Charlotte NC Pet Studio Session
And every model seems to start with the “Catalog poses”…
Charlotte NC Dog Studio Photographer
Thanks so much, Linus, for showing off your stuff again!!!! :)

Rookie + Lola – Studio Session

Rookie and Lola have been in front of my camera before so I was beyond thrilled when they signed up for a studio session with me. These two are FULL of personality and have the squishiest and most kissable faces. I wanna squeeze their checks like a grandma would!!!

Charlotte NC Pet Studio Photography
Rookie is a little ball motivated. Too bad he’s not coordinated enough to catch them. ;)
North Carolina Pet Studio Photographer
This is the face Lola made when Rookie actually caught one!
Charlotte NC Pet Studio Photographer
This duo is bad to the bone…
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Modern Pet Studio Portraits
Charlotte NC Dog Studio Photographer
I hope you enjoyed this little peek of these crazy kids!

Sporty Spice

So, no, he is not a Spice Girl. In fact he’s a boy…a very handsome one at that. This little fluffernut is a cutie Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle mix) named Sport.

Sport was an absolute DREAM to photograph. As long as I had a treat, I had his FULL attention. He would just sit/lay/stand in front of the camera until he was “released” or fed a treat. From what his mom says, this is way different than he used to be when he was younger. Evidently, back in his heyday, Sport was a little bit of a crazy boy (weren’t we all?). He’s since calmed down and has even done several years of volunteering with at-risk children. What an angel…

Modern Images For Posh Pets
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Sport is now 11 years old and as healthy as can be. He’s had a couple knee surgeries that have slowed him down a bit but he still enjoys going on long walks through his neighborhood.
Modern Images For Posh Pets
Charlotte Schnoodle Photography
North Carolina Pet Photography
Sport_2Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
One of Sport’s favorite places to go is The Green located right in the middle of his hood. The neighborhood pups all meet there on Saturday mornings and have a fun play hour. :) Sport has quite a few friends he gossips with during this weekly meet-up.
Schnoodle Portraits
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Because of his past surgeries, Sport is a little wonky when he runs. I just couldn’t help but post one of the images of the faces he makes!
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
North Carolina Pet Photographer
Don’t you just want to lean down and kiss this little munchkin?!?!?!
Charlotte NC Pet Portraits
Thank you, Sport, for being such a doll! I can’t wait to see you again soon!! xx!!!
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