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Smitty – HSC Adoptable

This post is focused on one specific dog that I meet while photographing adoptable dogs and cats over at the Humane Society of Charlotte. His name is Mr. Smith, aka, Smitty. I don’t know what it was about him but he just really stole my heart!

Smitty was brought to the shelter by a family. I don’t know why he was turned in – all I know is that he was healthy at the time. Well, lo and behold, shortly thereafter, Smitty became very ill and had to undergo exploratory surgery. It was discovered that he had a horrible case of hookworm. During his recovery he was taken to a wonderful foster home where he learned tricks and how to potty outside. He’s now back at HSC full-time but is ready to find a permanent home.

Smitty is a very handsome and unique pup with a wrinkly snout and huge ears. He was such a model for the camera and I hope I can keep him close by should I ever need a striking dog model.

He will make a wonderful pet in an active home. I just love this handsome fellow…

Charlotte NC pet photographer
Humane Society of Charlotte adoptable dog
Adoptable dog photography
Modern Images for posh pets
Charlotte NC adoptable dog
Smitty pit bull mix

Noel – Angel Session

Noel was a legend of sorts over at the Humane Society of Charlotte. The story goes that she was adopted three times – each time being returned for one reason or another. Finally, the staff decided to adopt her and make her the official office cat. Since then, she has seen staff, volunteers, and thousands of cats, dogs, puppies and kittens go in and out the door all while she managed to hold down the paperwork, help with typing on the keyboard, and coordinating adoptions. She was even placed at the top of the staff organizational chart. She was a legend.

Charlotte NC Cat Photographer
Noel had been sick for quite some time but she was in the best place in the world for extra loving and medical help. Unfortunately, she had to help type her last email, take the last couple licks from her Lickety Stik, and say her final goodbyes on Friday. She will be very missed.

Pet Photographer in Charlotte NC
I’m starting to cry again as I write this but I want to keep this as positive as possible. I’m sure Noel’s spirit will roam the halls and kennels at the HSC and make sure each and every cat and dog have the opportunity to find love like she did.

I only got to spend a short time with Noel but I know she touched lives throughout the Charlotte area. Let us celebrate this little queen…

Humane Society of Charlotte mascot
Charlotte NC Cat Photography
Modern Pet Photographer
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
North Carolina Pet photographer

Rest in peace sweet angel…

Ann L. Gearhart - Thank you for capturing the essence of Noel for all of us to share. Noel – one of a kind, and yet, we have all known “Noel’s” in our lives, especially those of us who work in the field of animal welfare. I can tell how endearing Noel was in the office and how powerful her story will be as people visit your shelter and see her photo, read her story and meld all of the good that comes from the work you do, the animals you serve and the people who are blessed to have your fine organization in their community. I know Noel will always have a special place with each of the people whose lives she touched – thank you for sharing her with all of us – there was a reason she was returned three times – it was so she could be with you. The many twists and turns of life frequently happen for a specific reason. Noel was meant to be in your embracing arms, and a legacy to your work and shelter.

HSC Adoptables

I got to spend a little time at the Humane Society of Charlotte last Friday. While I was there, I was able to grab a few shots of some of their adoptable dogs. I need to get back there and get tons more!!!

This sweet angel is Feralia. Not to my surprise, she got adopted over the weekend. However, there are several more puppies available if you are interested!

Humane Society of Charlotte Adoptable Puppy
Boxer Mix puppy for adoption
Kalvin is a pretty active boy that will make a wonderful companion. He is very inquisitive as you can see from his head tilt. ;)
Humane Society of Charlotte adoptable dog
Adult Dog available for adoption
Franjelica is a super sweet lady and need I say gorgeous?!? She is wonderful at commands, is very polite and loves toys.
HSC adoptable dog
Charlotte NC adoptable dog

Stay tuned for more precious pups that need homes…

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Eva and Sadie – Snow Day

I have the best doggies. Period.

Haha! Everyone says that so it’s ok, right? But seriously, they are our babies so of course we feel that way. :) We grow with them, learn from them, and share fun experiences with them. Sorry for the extra sappiness – I just got home from an Angel Session so I’m a little emotional. I’ll try to stop. ;)

One experience that will rank high in my mental log was the recent and very rare snow storm that shut down our Southern city. It snowed for 3 days straight in Uptown Charlotte – the longest I’ve ever seen snow fall in a row. Yeah, not a big deal to people from the Mid-West or up North but, hey, let us have our fun. We got about 7 inches in our backyard when the snow and sleet finally came to an end.

Naturally, once the sun finally poked it’s pretty little face out, I grabbed my camera, the dogs, and my hubby. Off to play…

Snowfall in charlotte with dogs playing
Eva and Sadie had a complete blast! The snow made it extra fun to play keep-away. :)
Charlotte NC Modern pet portraits
As much as I hate the cold, I could shoot with a snowy background any day! What a gorgeous natural reflector!
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
The snow was a little crunchy because about half an inch of sleet slicked everything over. It made running a little tricky for the pups but made for some goofy shots.
East Coast Animal Photographer
Eva and Sadie looks so ferosious in this image but I promise this is how they play. Such goofballs!
Lab mixes playing in snow
See! Aren’t they angels?!?! ;)
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Like I said. Goofballs…
Contemporary Dog Portraits
Sadie, of course, somehow found a stick despite the entire ground being covered with the white stuff. OMG. She is so stinkin’ cute! And that sunshine. Ugh!!!
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Dogs Playing in Snow
North Carolina Pet Portraits
Eva is photo bombing to tell Sadie it’s time to play again…
Modern Images for Posh Pets
And they are back at it…
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Fun Animal photography

So what did your dogs do during the big snow storm of ’14? Feel free to share pics over on Facebook!

Stay warm out there!

Leesia - LOVE!!!! Some of the best doggie snow pictures I’ve seen. Ever.

admin - Thank you so much, Leesia!!! :)

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