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Ansel, Izzy, and Zeke

This post is quite bittersweet. This trio’s eldest brother, Ansel, was diagnosed with cancer and was only given a few months to live. At 10 years old, for a Dane, Ansel had already had a long and fulfilling life. Rescued and adopted from Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love, Ansel spent the better years of his life in a loving family and even had the opportunity to see his 2-legged human brother born. Unfortunately, Ansel gained his angel wings on Sunday – just days after our session.

I don’t want this post to be all sad and bring you down (even though it’s making me tear up). Instead I want to honor Ansel and his sweet family.

Ansel’s family loves Uptown Charlotte so, even though we had our hands full, we went for it! Three people, three dogs, and a baby – haha! We were struggling! Luckily, some friends showed up to lend a helping hand and we were able to capture some fabulous images of Ansel and his sister, Izzy, and brother, Zeke.

This is by far my favorite image of Ansel…

Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
And Izzy (on the left) and Zeke (on the right)…
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Zeke is an Italian Greyhound who was very interested in the other dogs walking by. However, I quickly discovered that a, “You wanna go on a walk?” or ” You wanna go on a car ride?” made him focus right on me!
Pet Photographer in Charlotte NC
Izzy, on the other hand, was only interested in the tennis ball. Yep, she wasn’t going anywhere without that thing!
Rat Terrier photographer
And my boy, Ansel…
Modern Images for Posh Pets
Charlotte NC Pet Portraits
Ansel’s dad was especially close to his boy. Because Ansel’s tumor was putting pressure on his rectum, he was having to potty quite frequently. Dad was very patient with Ansel and did everything he could to clean up his accidents and to make him comfortable. I just had to sneak this picture in…
Great Dane photographer
Downtown Charlotte NC Pet Portraits
North Carolina Pet Photography
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Uptown Charlotte Dog Photography
North Carolina Dog Photography
Lastly, we wanted an image to remember Ansel with his baby brother. And they look off into the landscape together… run free sweet boy… xx…
Uptown Charlotte Dog Photographer

Beth - I’m so sorry that Ansel is no longer in this world! He was a handsome and lucky boy. These are wonderful photos, I’m glad they got to you in time! I imagine Zeke and Izzy are helping to chase the blues away because they are just too cute to do anything else!

KELLI LORINI - I googled the top 5 pet photographers (I love my animals and a good image) it ended up giving me the top thirty. Theres little thumbnails and I skipped all and went straight to your blog. I am glad I did. The picture with Ansel and his dad gave me chills and tears and the last image with the baby and the dog. I cant. youre great!

Gus and Lucy

Spring is finally here and I couldn’t be happier! By far, Spring is my favorite time of year to shoot. I just can’t resist the green grass, the array of flowers, the birds chirping, and the warm sunshine. Ahhhhh…just thinking about it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside (especially on a cold, rainy day like today).

The only thing about this Spring is that it showed up a little late this year. Winter had too hard of a grip which proved challenging for Gus and Lucy’s session. Their mom reeeeeeally wanted to have a Spring-looking session but the options were limited. After hours and hours of searching for some green grass or blooming trees (not in a parking lot), I finally made my way down to Fort Mill, SC to check out the peach blossoms. They were on their way out but, luckily, they hung on just long enough for a great session.

The session was focused mostly on Gus, a 6-year-old Maltese/Bichon mix that is the light of his mom’s world. Although she never thought she would have a small, white, fluffy pup, Gus has stolen her heart…

Fort Mill, SC Pet photography
Lucy is Gus’s sister and she was happy to jump in for a few shots as well. :)
Dog Photographer in Charlotte
As I mentioned, the pink blooms blew me away in the background. How creamy and buttery do they look?!?
Fort Mill SC Dog Photographer
Fort Mill, SC dog photographer
Who is the cutest dog? Oooh! Oooh! Me! Me!
Waving white fluffy dog
Lucy is so regal here. In fact, she just a big goofball. PS – I love goofballs!
Dogs photographed in peach trees
You, uh, got a treat?!?
Fort Mill, SC Pet photographer
Modern Images for Posh Pets
South Carolina Dog Photographer
Purples and pinks and greens, oh my! Gus, you are too handsome, my friend!
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
North Carolina Animal Portraits
South Carolina Pet Photographer
They may not be the best of friends, but Lucy and Gus cooperated long enough to get a few pictures together. ;)
Peach tree Pet Portraits
That was enough of that!
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Look out! Gus has the zoomies!!!!
Fun Dog Portraits
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Charlotte NC Dog Photography

What a gorgeous location! I’m certainly going to keep this location in mind throughout the summer and into next spring. If you’d like to book a session here, just give me a shout. Although there are no longer blossoms on the trees, the beauty continues on.

A huge thanks to Gus and Lucy’s mom for making the journey to our special spot. :)

2014 Pet Palooza

Saturday’s gorgeous weather sure did help bring the masses out to Pet Palooza at Independence Park! The largest fundraiser for the Humane Society of Charlotte, Pet Palooza is chock full of fun activities for both dogs and their people…a 2K dog walk, bands, contests, food trucks, a beer garden, vendor fair, microchipping, palm and paw readings, face painting, agility trials, a fido fashion show…the list goes on and on!

I’m so glad I got to be a part of this awesome event! As usual, the HSC staff and volunteers worked their bums off to put on a flawless event that raised over $90,000!!! These funds help HSC provide critical services like low-cost spay/neuter, vaccine and microchip clinics, adoptions, and owner/pet training and education. **UPDATE** HSC has now raised over $116,000 and the final numbers are still to come!!!

Here is a recap of the event as well as some of my favorite images from the day’s activities. If you’d like to see more, please check out the link HERE.

The foundation of Pet Palooza is the 2K dog walk. It starts the event off with a bang while taking the participants on a nice stroll around the perimeter of Independence Park. I got to be right in the middle of the action… ;)
Humane Society of Charlotte Fundraiser
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Charlotte NC Animal Photographer
Charlotte NC Animal Photography
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
North Carolina Pet Photographer
Humane Society of Charlotte 2K Dog Walk
North Carolina Dog Photographer
North Carolina Dog Photography
North Carolina Pet Portraits
North Carolina Dog Portraits
HSC Pet Palooza 2014
Modern Images for Posh Pets
Modern Pet Photographer
After the walk, the festivities began! However, there’s always time for a quiet moment to catch your breath and take in the view.
Humane Society of Charlotte dog walk
Pups got to make their own paw portrait artwork or work off the burn from the walk with a massage…
Humane Society of Charlotte event
People weren’t left out either! Face painting, massages, and palm readings were just a few of the things keeping the party going!
Pet Palooza Charlotte NC
The Fido Fashion Show quickly got the attention of the crowd as adoptable dogs and HSC alumni strutted their stuff in some divine attire.
Doggie Fashion Show Pet Palooza
Humane Society of Charlotte NC Pet Palooza
Doggy Fashion Show Pet Palooza
Humane Society of Charlotte Pet Palooza
And what is a festival without great music? Alex Kastanas and gogo Pilot kept the crowd entertained.
2014 Pet Palooza Pictures
On the other side of the park, your pup had the opportunity to try out the agility course. Jumps, tunnels, and platforms were just a few of the obstacles the Zoom Room trainers would lead your pup through.
A huge food truck paw-villion kept hunger at bay while a beer/wine garden did the same for thirst. (Don’t you just love the dog staring at the beer being poured?!?)
2014 Pet Palooza Photos
My favorite part of the day was just watching people hanging out with their beloved 4-leggers. :)
Humane Society of Charlotte Pet Palooza
2014 Pet Palooza Charlotte NC
Pet Palooza Independence Park
Humane Society of Charlotte NC Pet Palooza 2014
2014 Pet Palooza North Carolina
HSC Fundraiser
Not to be forgotten, there were a few epic contests including some great entries for best trick…

Needless to say, Pet Palooza knocked my socks off and I want to thank HSC for inviting me out. I also want to thank all off the great sponsors, vendors, people and dogs that made the event possible.

Again, if you’d like to see more pictures from the event, you may do so HERE.

Thank you and I hope to see everyone again next year!

Beth - Looks like it was a great day! So many happy dogs and people!


Aurora was a sight for sore eyes on the long, empty beaches of Bouge Banks. Her unforgettable smile was it’s own beacon…kinda like a lighthouse that attracted nothing but joy. And this girl has a lot to smile about.

When Aurora was 5 weeks old, she was found abandoned along with her brother. Luckily, they were scooped up and fostered by a loving family. The brother was adopted out but, in the meantime, Aurora’s foster mom quickly became a foster-failure. In short, Aurora had found a permanent home. :)

I introduce Aurora, photographed in Emerald Isle…

Crystal Coast Dog Photographer
Bogue Banks Dog Photographer
Aurora was a little shy and jumpy and first, but her eyes lit up when she saw my tennis ball. And when she realized it squeaked? Yeah. She came right out of her shell.
Modern Images For Posh Pets
Contemporary Pet Portraits
Aurora being bashful… 
Beach Dog Portraits
Not a fan of the water, Aurora was beyond happy to smile for me on dry land. :)
North Carolina Beach Portraits
Emerald Isle NC Pet Photographer
Dog Photography Beach Session

A huge thanks to Aurora’s family for allowing me to photograph this little beacon of happiness! :)

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