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I swear I have some of the cutest doggie clients ever. Period. Cooper is absolutely no exception. He seriously looks like a little stuffed animal! He had me squealing the whole session – and I’m not lying about that!

Cooper is an 8-year-old Poodle-mix that has the most adorable little fuzzy body ever! He had a blast exploring Fisher Farm and he hopped like a bunny rabbit as he checked out every corner of the park. I really don’t know what else to say about him other that “Eeeeeeeeekkkkkk!” Meet Mr. Cooper…

North Carolina Pet Portraits
I told you, right?!?! Now check out those ears!
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
And his bunny hop as he ran around!
North Carolina Dog Portraits
North Carolina Dog Portraits
So are you squealing yet? If not, does this work?!?
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
North Carolina Dog Photographer
I know this isn’t a picture that’s going to be big on the wall but I had to document this interesting moment. Cooper suddenly stopped and tried to bury his head in the grass. Not sure if he was planking? or doing an ostrich impression?
North Carolina Pet Photographer
Bust out some treats and he gets focused again!
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
His mom better hold him tight! There’s already a list of people that told me they want me to steal him for them!
Modern Images For Posh Pets
Contemporary Dog Portraits
Modern Pet Photography
One of Cooper’s mom’s favorite looks is when he holds just one ear up. Um, yeah. That’s not cute or anything. ;)
Poodle-mix portraits
This picture embodies the joy I feel when I look at Cooper’s sweet face. It makes me smile! :)
Davidson NC Pet Photos

I hope you enjoyed Cooper’s sneak peek as much as I *clearly* did! :) So, do you want to steal him too?

Alice G Patterson - Oh what fun! This dog is adorable, and I love every single one of these images. The face plant is hilarious- I’m sure I’ll be back to look at these again!

Beth - Oh my! Cooper is completely adorable! Gorgeous images!

Happy Tails: Cooper | Daily Dog Tag - […] can see more of Cooper on Sarah’s pet photography blog. Be sure to follow McGraw Photography on Facebook as well to see her lifestyle and studio pet […]

Before and After

A photographer’s job would be so much easier if the files were perfect and ready for print straight out of the camera. Well, just like in the film days, there is quite a bit of *digital* darkroom editing that needs to be done to each image afterward. Here is a great example…

This “before” image is straight-out-of-camera. Because I needed a fast shutter speed to stop the action, the image ended up being a couple stops underexposed. Because I shoot in RAW format, I knew I could up the exposure some in post-processing. A quick note on this – I don’t rely on “oh, I’ll just fix that in Photoshop”. In fact, I’d rather not. However, sometimes you don’t have a choice. I had to trade off a perfect exposure in order to have a crisp action image.

Along with increasing the exposure, I warmed up the color temperature, removed some distracting elements, increased contrast and sharpened it overall.

Editing Pet Portraits

This is a perfect example of how a photographer’s work continues way after the camera clicks. Edits like this occur with every final image. Often times, leashes have to be removed, eye goobers need to be cleaned up, shaved fur and/or tumors are asked to be covered, etc.

I love seeing this transformation happen and I think it’s important for clients to see all of the hours of work that go into each image that is presented in the final gallery. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do!

Before and After Photoshop
Retouching Dog Photography

valerie - oh my word, can i just say that i am in love with the eyebrows on that doxie! oh yeahhh! bam! the best!!! beautiful family portraits of the best beauties in the south!

Dewey and Frosty

Dewey and Frosty are a pair of super small (but large in cuteness!) Toy Aussies. Their weather-related names are part of a tradition in their household and they have/had other furry family members named Windy, Misty, Twister and Stormy. How fun is that?!?

I introduce Dew Drops and Frosty Paws…

Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Frosty is a “forever puppy” or so it seems! He is 5 years old but doesn’t look over 5 months!
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Frosty is high energy and playful with a fun sparkle in his eyes…
Salisbury NC Pet Photographer
…has a face you can’t say no to…
Modern Images For Posh Pets
…and love to play ball!!!
Salisbury NC Dog Photography
Dewey is a little more timid and wary of new people. He likes to bark at strangers but then will be your best friend 5 minutes later. :) He was crawling on my back by the end of the session!
Modern Pet Photography
Toy Aussie Portraits
Dewey is fantastic at commands but if you don’t reward him (and preferably with my delicious liver treats) he will let you know. See the image on the right for his dramatic *GASP* face! ;)
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
And he love to play ball like his brother.
Running Toy Aussie in Charlotte NC
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Dog Photographer in North Carolina
North Carolina Pet Portraits
Pet Photographer in Charlotte NC
I know frost melts when the sun comes out, but Frosty straight-up melts ME in this glowing image…
Contemporary Pet Portraiture
This dainty duo seriously stole my heart! I could have photographed them all day. I hope their parents plaster their images everywhere – I know I want to! :)
Boutique Dog Portaits

Melissa - OMG Sarah you are THE BEST! I am blown away. I can not thank you enough :)

Sampson – Available from HSC

I honestly can’t believe that Sampson has been passed by for over a year at the Humane Society of Charlotte. This smart and friendly boy needs some extra attention and hopefully these images will get in front of a family that will think he is just perfect!!!

Before our quick shoot together, Sampson was in the play-yard running around with his favorite toy, a tennis ball. He really didn’t want to leave it behind but he was very excited to take a walk! :)

He was an amazing model for our session! He was very attentive and obeyed my commands – very impressive considering the busy environment we were in. He is a very, very sweet and loving dog and will make someone extremely happy.

And a few words from Sampson

I am a very handsome, athletic young boy that is waiting for my forever home. I love to play fetch and swim in the baby pool. Do you need a swimming buddy or athletic partner? If so, I’m the boy for you! I ride great in the car, am very affectionate and love cuddling on the couch and in the bed and get along with some dogs, not all of them so introduce me slowly to any potential canine friends. I think cats are fluffy chew toys, so I’d be best in a cat-free home. I’m currently in training classes at HSC and I know my name and know how to sit and am house trained too! I think I’m pretty special, I hope you do too. Please visit me today when you’re visiting HSC.

I hope you share Sampson’s information! I want to see him find a fabulous home!!!

Black pit mix adoptable from HSC
Look at that happy face!
Happy black adoptable pit mix
Sampson at Humane Society of Charlotte
Black pit mix available for adoption
Humane Society of Charlotte available dog
Um, yeah. How do you say no to that head tilt?!?
Humane Society of Charlotte dog
A tennis ball?!? You’ll be Sampson’s best friend!!!
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer

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