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Missy and Dailey

Before I start on the cuteness overload you’re about to see of Missy and Dailey, I have to give a big shout out to their parents. Long-time followers of mine, they were all over everything for their session. Mom read all through the Welcome Package and did everything in the “How to Prepare” section and even had an appreciation for the lighting the day of the session (we had to reschedule once because of the threat of rain). Can I say dream client? Just wanted to put that out there because I don’t do it often enough. My clients (human and 4-legged) are amazing. :)

Now on to their super-adorable babies, Missy and Dailey. Although they greeted me with a couple barks, once I stepped in their home and they smelled treats, they were all mine. :) Even Dailey (who tends to be a little more shy) was following me around within seconds. I had a feeling they were going to be great models. I introduce the pups in front of the camera for this pet portrait session…drum roll please….Dailey (left) and Missy (right)…

Cute Dog Portraits
I instantly fell in love with Dailey. He may have a little head – no, really, he’s tiny – but he’s got the smarts of a young child. There’s a lot going on behind those eyes. He’s one of the most intelligent pups I’ve ever met.
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Missy wasn’t a dummy either. She’d do anything for a treat. :)
Contemporary Pet Photographer in Charlotte
Contemporary Animal Portraits
The best part was seeing the two of these pups together. They are professional head-tilters part-time. 
Local Dog Photographer
And full-time crazy playmates!
Dog Portrait Photographer in North Carolina
Playing Dog Pictures
Fun Pet Photography
And of course to-die-for models. :)
Toy Poodle Photographer in Charlotte
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Doxie Photographer in Charlotte
I squeal every time I see an image of these two together!!!
Modern Images for Posh Pets
Toward the end of our session, we made a quick trip down to the neighborhood creek. Most of the tall grass and flowers had been cut that afternoon but we managed to find some pretty goodness to pose in.
Charlotte NC Dog Portraits
Charlotte NC Pet Portraits
These two, man. Gotta love ‘em! :)
Pet Portrait Photographer in North Carolina


Woody has been on my radar since November when we had several sessions get rescheduled due to rain. As excited as I was to photograph him, I totally understood when his dad decided to wait until the Spring to try our shoot for the ump-teenth time. As sad as we were to have missed the last of the Fall colors, this Spring session exploded with vibrancy! It was perfect!

Woody’s dad wanted a cool, urban vibe and NoDa was the place to be! Woody was a rockstar as he posed throughout the area (as well as attracting a ton of attention)…

Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Because what cool guy doesn’t pose on a keg??
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Woody’s dad loves fish so we were stoked to find this cool mural!
North Carolina Dog Portraits
Mini Bull Terrier Portrait
This was when I discovered the power of the tennis ball. It’s Woody’s kryptonite.
Modern Pet Photography
Hehe…I love that the dog in the mural is checking us out…
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Woody got a little overstimulated with all of the action going on around NoDa so we snuck away to a secret little place I had scouted earlier. It’s in the process of being demo’ed but it lasted long enough to serve as the perfect background for this chill guy.
On-Location Dog Portrait Session
Skateboarders have taken over this abandoned area and have created their own little skate park. It’s complete with pipes, ledges, ramps, and, of course, graffiti. (Sorry if I didn’t get the skateboard lingo correct.) ;)
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Bull Terrier on Graffiti
Isn’t it funny how something so “ugly” can be so perfect?!
Charlotte NC Bull Terrier Photo Shoot
On-Location Pet Portrait Session
Bull Terrier Running with Ball
North Carolina Animal Photographer
I just had to include this last image because it gave me a good chuckle. :)
Bull Terrier Running with Ball

Thanks, Woody, for being such a fabulous model and for making my vision a reality! You are seriously one of the coolest dogs out there! :)

Kaylee Greer - Sarah – these are GORGEOUS! Even in an all concrete environment, you were still somehow able to inject that particular trademark ‘McGraw Photography’-ness to this shoot – complete with the gorgeous yellow backlighting! I absolutely adore Woody and this awesome session location! The ‘from above’ portrait of him sitting on the graffiti ground is my FAVORITE!! :) As always, beautiful work!

admin - Thank you, Kaylee! Woody made my job easy! He was a real camera ham and he really made my vision come to life! :)

Gertie – Studio Session

Who doesn’t love a Frenchie? Seriously. If you are one of the few that don’t, perhaps Gertie here will help change your mind.

Gertie is just a pup…9 months old to be exact. And trust me, she had the energy to prove her puppiness (yeah, I made up a word). She had me on my toes! She was here and there and everywhere and I loved every minute of it! Check out this pretty Blue Fawn Pied funny face during her studio session…

Charlotte NC Dog Photography
This face is too much…
Frenchie Portrait on Seamless Background
Now when I say that Gertie loves balls. I mean LOVES balls – any size, color, texture, whatever!! Here are some examples to prove my point:

Number 1: The Jolly Ball

French Bulldog playing in-studio
North Carolina Pet photographer
Frenchie playing with Jolly Ball
North Carolina Dog photographer
Number 2: Red Bouncy Ball
Modern Studio Pet Portraits
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Number 3 (and to show you that size and color don’t matter): Basketball
Modern Studio Dog Portraits
Contemporary Studio Dog Portraits
I may have given you the impression that Gertie doesn’t have a serious side. However, she does. See?
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Studio Pet Photography
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
And one last goofy one for kicks…
Fun modern studio Pet photography
If you love Gertie, let me know! She’s going to have an on-location session in June and we’re going swimming!!! Yippee!!!

Charlotte Reeves - Ooooh my goodness how hilariously adorable is this pup! You must have had an absolute ball with her Sarah. Loving your studio work!

Angela - We had so much fun with you Sarah! Gertie says “Hello!”
Thanks for a great day and these fabulous pictures!

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