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Sadie and Chloe

I’ve said this a million times before. I hate cancer.

When Sadie’s mom contacted me over 4th of July weekend, she knew something was going terribly wrong with her baby. Out of nowhere, Sadie became ill and disoriented. She was rushed to the vet and given fluids and had some tests done. Turns out she was anemic and would also need to come back for an ultrasound. At that point, her mom was obviously scared of what was to come. We scheduled a session immediately.

Fortunately, Sadie was pretty much back to her normal self when we began shooting. As you’ll see, she was smiling (and, wow, does she have a contagious smile!!!) and even doing a little running. I love that she didn’t look (or act) ill the entire time. Gosh…she is such a sweet and wonderful girl.

Days after our session, Sadie had her ultrasound appointment. A mass was discovered on her spleen and her parents were now faced with the almost impossible decision of whether or not to put their almost 12-year-old dog through surgery. Before they could make up their minds, nature had it’s way with Sadie yet again.

She went into another bad state and was rushed to the emergency vet again. This time, she went into surgery right away to remove her spleen. The mass was removed and the biopsy came back confirming everyone’s suspicions – splenic hemangiosarcoma…cancer.

Sadie is now back home recovering from surgery and is doing great! The vet gave her 2-5 months to live but I think her amazing spirit will keep her here much longer.

I can’t express how emotional this roller coaster has been for her parents, her fur-sister, Chloe, and even me. I’m so grateful we could make this session happen….it brings tears to my eyes.

And without further ado, this my dear Sadie (on the right) and her sister, Chloe…

Modern Images For Posh Pets
Knowing the circumstances of this session, these smiles amaze me…
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Sadie has been through ACL surgery and has the signature “sit” of that now. Haha! Oh, and did I mention she is deaf? She is so alert and young-looking…you’d never know it!
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
And Miss Chloe is a little bit a a goofball. Her eyes and that lovely fur are so photogenic!
Charlotte NC Australian Shepherd Photographer
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
We spent our session at the Harrisburg Farmer’s Market. There were some cool buildings, trails, and fields to explore. I’m so in love with this wide shot.
Contemporary On-Location Animal Photos
Chole might be a little jealous of the extra attention Sadie’s been getting… ;)
East Coast Dog Photographer
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
North Carolina Pet Portraits
See!!!!! Sadie got a little pep in her step!!!! I’m sooooooo glad!!!
US Animal Portraits
I just love this dog…
Modern Dog Photography
And the family picture. I don’t think a dog could have a happier face. This was definitely a moment Sadie will always remember. She got so many hugs and kisses this day. Chloe, on the other hand, is ready for a nap.
Harrisburg, NC Pet Photography
Please keep this family in your thoughts over the next several months. It’s not time to say goodbye yet. xx!

Charlotte Reeves - Sadie and Chloe are a pair of beauties that’s for sure! Love these two, beautiful job capturing them Sarah!

Fenne - such beautiful dog and wonderful photographs. I hope she will stay good for a long time.

Beth | Daily Dog Tag - Beautiful images! Sending good thoughts to Sadie and her family that she has many more great days. I hope she surprises the vet with her longevity. (Chloe is adorable as well.)

Mackenzie, Rouge and Scrappy

Mackenzie, Rouge and Scrappy made the trip all the way from Raleigh, NC for their session last month. After dodging rain storms, we were able to pull off their session in what was probably the most humid evening on record. Ha! We explored a big chunk of Fisher Farm where we found some amazing wildflowers, awesome smells, and big land to run through. We were a sweaty mess by the end!

This session was scheduled because Mackenzie, the brown and black German Shepherd, is getting a little older and her mom wanted to capture her in all of her beautiful goodness. She brought her sister, Rouge, along as well. She’s the black German Shepherd with the name to match her personality. Lol! I love it!

German Shepherd Portraits
They also brought along their little brother, Scrappy. Now this little guy is a crack up and oh-so-small! He was lost in the tall grasses and got so wet during the shoot. This little firecracker loved every second of it though!
US Pet Photographer
The shot on the right just about sums this pack up. Mackenzie is so regal, Rouge is a goofball, and Scrappy is a little silly…
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Here they look like little angels though. ;)
Dog Portrait Photographer
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Mackenzie and Rouge loved playing ball in the wide open fields!
Davidson NC Pet Photography
North Carolina Dog Portraits
I can’t get over this face! I love little Scrappy! His mom sings to him…”Because I’m Scrappy, Scrappy…” to the tune of Pharrell Williams’ “Because I’m Happy.”
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Davidson NC Dog Photographer
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Modern Images for Posh Pets
I love this shot of the gorgeous Mackenzie…
Dog Photographer of the Carolinas
Scrappy was so tired by the end of the shoot. He needed some lovin’ from his mom… :)
Davidson NC Pet Photographer
Thank you for such a fun but hot and sweaty shoot! ;) I’m so glad we avoided the rain and were able to squeeze this in! xx!

KELLI - I LOVE THESE! I had images done for my cat biggies 14th birthday in march. I didn’t bring the other two cats because it was outside but I did bring his brother max who is a dog & if I was in your area youd be doing mine ALL THE TIME. SOOOOO PERFECT

Gertie (again!)

Some of you may recognize Miss Gertie from her super-adorable studio session a couple months ago. Her mom just knew she also wanted to capture her silly lady on-location at her home. We waited until the weather warmed up so we could get Gertie swimming in the pool…her new favorite hobby! After dodging some rain showers, the clouds parted and we had a nice, humid evening poolside. Gertie was excited to see me again (really, she’s just excited to see anyone that will play ball with her) and put on her best show. We started off checking out around the backyard before cooling off in the water. :)

Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Charlotte area pet photographer
Goofy girl!
Outdoor Pet Portraits
How do I keep Gertie’s attention? Pull out a squeaky ball. She’s all mine!
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Uh oh! The ball went in the pool! Better put on the lifejacket just to be on the safe side. Gertie won’t go in the pool unless…
Frenchie Playing in Pool
…she has the safety of her pool float to land on first.
French Bulldog Portraits
Then there’s no stopping her!
Modern Images for Posh Pets
Pet Portrait Photographer
US Pet Photographer
Frenchie swimming portrait
Again, her special float (and a super cute give-me-the-ball face)… :)
North Carolina Animal Photographer
I love this little munchkin! (PS – Her mom is the fabulous designer and owner of Olive Yew, a fantastic jewelry shop. You must check it out!)
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
And my favorite outtake! Gertie doesn’t appreciate getting splashed. Hahaha!
Fun Pet Photography North Carolina
Thanks, ladies, for such a fun shoot! So glad we got to de-mosquito and de-stink in the pool! :)

jayne - love it! had a smile on my face the whole time i scrolled!

Angela - Thank YOU Sarah! We had a great time and we absolutely love the photos. They are priceless. You have the amazing gift of truly “seeing” a dog and showing off their personality perfectly! I’ll recommend you to everyone I know – although all I really have to do is show them your photos. Thanks so much for capturing Gertie better than I could have imagined!!

Beth - Super cute! I’m really glad they decided to get these summer fun photos.

Sally Ellison - I never get tired of looking at the beautiful images you take! If I ever get my new pup trained well enough to stay focused we are heading to Charlotte for a session!


I just love it when a dog full of personality and spunk comes into the studio! Meet my latest playful pal, Charlie. I have to start this post with one of my favorite images…a profile shot of his amazing beard…

Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Charlie needed a little time to warm up to the flashes, but he quickly realized he could get treats for his good modeling skills. :)
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Dog Portraits in Studio
His adorable head tilt…
Miniature Schnauzer in studio
After some serious shots, it was time to pull out his favorite toys! This one is named Beethoven. It’s way bigger than Charlie but he still manages to fling it around like it weighs nothing!
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
His other favorite toy is his hedgehog…
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
This one is a little more nimble. Haha!
North Carolina Pet Portraits
And then there is the random shoe sitting around. Charlie took full advantage of the no-shoes-on-the-backdrop rule.
Studio Pet Pictures
Man, he is one handsome fellow!
Fun dogs in studio
Sometimes Charlie loves on his toys too. Best buds…
Modern Images for Posh Pets
 I can’t wait to see all of Charlie’s artwork come in! He’s going to have his own special wall above the couch, but shhhhhhh…it’s a gift for his dad. :)

Beth | Daily Dog Tag - What an awesome profile! He is definitely handsome. I bet the studio is an especially wonderful option this time of year for you and your clients!