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Gertie (again!)

Some of you may recognize Miss Gertie from her super-adorable studio session a couple months ago. Her mom just knew she also wanted to capture her silly lady on-location at her home. We waited until the weather warmed up so we could get Gertie swimming in the pool…her new favorite hobby! After dodging some rain showers, the clouds parted and we had a nice, humid evening poolside. Gertie was excited to see me again (really, she’s just excited to see anyone that will play ball with her) and put on her best show. We started off checking out around the backyard before cooling off in the water. :)

Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Charlotte area pet photographer
Goofy girl!
Outdoor Pet Portraits
How do I keep Gertie’s attention? Pull out a squeaky ball. She’s all mine!
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Uh oh! The ball went in the pool! Better put on the lifejacket just to be on the safe side. Gertie won’t go in the pool unless…
Frenchie Playing in Pool
…she has the safety of her pool float to land on first.
French Bulldog Portraits
Then there’s no stopping her!
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Pet Portrait Photographer
US Pet Photographer
Frenchie swimming portrait
Again, her special float (and a super cute give-me-the-ball face)… :)
North Carolina Animal Photographer
I love this little munchkin! (PS – Her mom is the fabulous designer and owner of Olive Yew, a fantastic jewelry shop. You must check it out!)
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
And my favorite outtake! Gertie doesn’t appreciate getting splashed. Hahaha!
Fun Pet Photography North Carolina
Thanks, ladies, for such a fun shoot! So glad we got to de-mosquito and de-stink in the pool! :)

jayne - love it! had a smile on my face the whole time i scrolled!

Angela - Thank YOU Sarah! We had a great time and we absolutely love the photos. They are priceless. You have the amazing gift of truly “seeing” a dog and showing off their personality perfectly! I’ll recommend you to everyone I know – although all I really have to do is show them your photos. Thanks so much for capturing Gertie better than I could have imagined!!

Beth - Super cute! I’m really glad they decided to get these summer fun photos.

Sally Ellison - I never get tired of looking at the beautiful images you take! If I ever get my new pup trained well enough to stay focused we are heading to Charlotte for a session!


I just love it when a dog full of personality and spunk comes into the studio! Meet my latest playful pal, Charlie. I have to start this post with one of my favorite images…a profile shot of his amazing beard…

Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Charlie needed a little time to warm up to the flashes, but he quickly realized he could get treats for his good modeling skills. :)
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Dog Portraits in Studio
His adorable head tilt…
Miniature Schnauzer in studio
After some serious shots, it was time to pull out his favorite toys! This one is named Beethoven. It’s way bigger than Charlie but he still manages to fling it around like it weighs nothing!
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
His other favorite toy is his hedgehog…
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
This one is a little more nimble. Haha!
North Carolina Pet Portraits
And then there is the random shoe sitting around. Charlie took full advantage of the no-shoes-on-the-backdrop rule.
Studio Pet Pictures
Man, he is one handsome fellow!
Fun dogs in studio
Sometimes Charlie loves on his toys too. Best buds…
Modern Images for Posh Pets
 I can’t wait to see all of Charlie’s artwork come in! He’s going to have his own special wall above the couch, but shhhhhhh…it’s a gift for his dad. :)

Beth | Daily Dog Tag - What an awesome profile! He is definitely handsome. I bet the studio is an especially wonderful option this time of year for you and your clients!

Lulu, Bailey, Charlee & Lillie

Lulu, Bailey, Charlee, and Lillie’s parents won an on-location session during a silent auction event benefitting the Concord and Greater Cabarrus Humane Society. We quickly scheduled their session and, just before the temperatures went sky-high (along with the humidity), I was able to spend a lovely evening with these gorgeous ladies. This four-pack of pups were absolute dolls and their beauty blew me away. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph them.

We started off photographing the eldest of the pack. Lulu is almost 14 but is still a little firecracker! She not afraid to put her sisters in place. She knows she still rules the roost. :)

Contemporary Dog Portraits
North Carolina Pet Photographer
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Next up was Lillie. Now this dog is one gorgeous lady! She is accessorized with brown spots as opposed to the normal black spots found in Dalmatians. And her eyes and personality just sparkle!
Fun Dog Portraits North Carolina
Modern Pet Photography
Bailey’s turn was next. This is Daddy’s baby girl. He’s putting up a gallery display in his office and Bailey’s image is going to be the centerpiece. I totally get it…I’m a sucker for a sweet black Lab too. :)
North Carolina Animal Portrait Photographer
Kannapolis NC Dog Photography
Modern Images for Posh Pets
Last but not least, I got to hang out with Charlee. She’s a little more on the shy side but is still a ham for some treats and the ball. Aren’t her multi-colored eyes spectacular?
Kannapolis NC Pet Photographer
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
We also got to do quite a bit of playing. The two Dalmatians loved it and were full-on crazy! Haha!
Dalmatian Portraits Charlotte NC
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
And we of course needed to get an image of all the single ladies (all the single ladies)…excuse my Beyonce moment…
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
I can’t wait until Lulu, Bailey, Charlee and Lillie’s artwork comes in! It’s going to look amazing on the walls and the album is simply gorg!!!

Beth - Lovely!

KELLI LORINI - IM DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE

Millie and Marlowe

Oh My Dog! Oh My Dog! Oh My Dog!

That’s what kept running through my head during Millie and Marlowe’s session…and while I was culling their images…and editing…and designing their album…and on and on and on. Seriously. These two Goldendoodle puppies gave me a perma-grin that I just can’t shake. I don’t think anyone can handle all of their cuteness. So I’m putting it to the test with this blog post.

We spent a lovely evening in Millie and Marlowe’s backyard where these two got to go all out wild! They were wrestling, chasing the ball, and plain ol’ acting goofy. I mean, what else would puppies do? I introduce Millie (on the right) and Marlowe (on the left)…

Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Marlowe is the youngest of the two at just 5 months. I think he’s part kangaroo because he’s a hopping machine!
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Goldendoodle Puppy with Ball
Charlotte NC Goldendoodle Portrait
Aghhhhhhh! I told you the cuteness would be too much!!!!
Goldendoodle Puppy Portraits
Goldendoodle Puppy Photographer
Modern Images for Posh Pets
Millie is the older sister (actually half-sister) and comes in at 11 months old. She’s been through some training and was happy to show off her new “sit” command as well as her don’t-ignore-me face!
Contemporary Animal Portraits
North Carolina Pet Portrait Photographer
Charlotte NC Puppy Photographer
Fun Dog Photography
Cute Pet Photos

The whole time I was at their house, Millie and Marlowe never chilled out next to each other. We kinda made this moment happen but only after the craziness you’re about to see…

Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
This is more like the puppy-play I witnessed when they were together. Haha! They were full-throttle!!!
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Charlotte NC Animal photographer
Doodle puppies playing portrait

What a wonderful and fun time! Their album looks amazing and I’m even ordering a print from this session for one of my new framed print samples. Love, love, love!!!

So, I wanna know…could you handle the cuteness???

Jennifer - to stinkin’ adorable. Amazing images as usual