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Goodbye in 2013

At the end of each year, I like to honor those 4-legged family members that have crossed over rainbow bridge. I like to think their spirit lives on and they are still by our side – just in a different form – secretly giving us slobbery kisses as we sleep…

Rudy – Rudy crossed the bridge just days after our session. However, her shoot was filled with laughter and smiles – the perfect way to say goodbye…

Charlotte NC Pet Photography

Rhett Butler –  Rhett had been living with a heart condition that finally took him over the bridge. His family now misses his signature slobber marks.

Charlotte NC Pet Photographer

Carly – Carly said goodbye a few months after her first human sister was born. Carly left happy knowing her baby sis made it into the world safely.

Angel Session

Shelby – Shelby fought a long, hard battle with cancer. Her Angel Session captured her while she still felt good and her perky ears and long tongue showed off her personality.

Davidson NC Pet Photography

Andora – Andora said goodbye very quickly, leaving her dad and mom heartbroken. They’ve since gotten a new puppy and Andora is keeping them all protected from above.

Angel Session

Luka – Luka went out with a bang. He was the ambassador for the 2013 Bark For Life Lake Norman event and represented all the dogs out there battling cancer.

North Carolina Animal Photographer

Lacey – Lacey crossed the bridge soon after her brother, Luka. This sweet, ol’ gal was ready to reunite with her brother and play free.

Rainbow Bridge pups

Griffin – Griffin was in remission when we had his session hence the HUGE smile on his face! Sadly, the cancer returned shortly after. He’s now playing ball over the bridge…

Charlotte Pet Portraits

Scooter – Scooter’s mom did each. and. every. thing. she could possibly do to keep Scooter comfortable before he said goodbye. He really didn’t want to leave such a wonderful mom.

Dog Portraits in North Carolina

Pepper – I’ve photographed Pepper a couple times – the last being at the beach. I hope she is now chasing the seagulls leash-free.

Goodbye in 2013

Our pets come and go faster than we could ever imagine and they certainly never leave our hearts. Many hugs to all the pet parents out there that have had to say goodbye in 2013. {{{hugs}}}


Su - What a beautiful tribute, brought tears to my eyes but your gorgeous pic’s also brought a smile. These images are so incredibly special, I love them.

Beth - This photos brought tears to my eyes, butI know that these photos will be treasured forever!

Keith Bachand - I love your work!


Dogs are similar to people in that, as they age, they tend to get set in their ways. Briar is certainly no different.

Briar is a pretty chill, fluffy furball that loves to lounge around and take it easy. He loves hanging out at the pond in his neighborhood so we decided to let him do what he loves most. We spent a chilly, but sunny, afternoon together just taking in the gorgeous sights. He had no plans of doing anything different. ;)

Charlotte area Pet Photographer
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
This happy face is loved dearly by his human dad. Lucky for dad, Briar’s mom set the session up as a surprise Christmas gift for him! 
Modern images for posh pets
Chow/Lab mix portrait
Briar would give me a split-second of his attention while I gave him a treat. Then it was right back to checking out more interesting things. Ha!
North Carolina Dog Portraits
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
OMG! The light that day was amazing! It made Briar’s fur glow like an angel!
Modern Pet Photographer
This is seriously what Briar would do all. day. long. if you let him…
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph you doing what you love most. I hope your dad enjoyed his fabulous gift!!!
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer


Great Dane’s are known to have a fairly short lifespan compared to other pups. Luckily, Mo has graced this Earth for 12 whole years and his family feels very lucky. Although he’s showing his age with some arthritis, shaky legs, and weight loss, Mo’s still enjoying hanging out in the backyard with his human and other doggy family members. We spent a lovely afternoon together doing just that. :)

This is the goofy side of Mo…

Modern Images For Posh Pets
And the more serious side…wanting my treats…
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Great Dane Portraits
There’s nothing quite as regal as the Great Dane profile…
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Those eyes. Seriously. I couldn’t say no to those for 12 years.
Charlotte NC Pet Photos
US Pet Portraiture
The light in this image makes Mo look heavenly. :)
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Mo and his human brother have grown up together. They showed me a picture of the two of them cuddling when Mo was a puppy and Xavier was a toddler. There’s nothing like brotherly love…
North Carolina Animal Portraits
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Mo was shaved a while ago for scans to check for health issues. Everything came back normal but the hair never quite grew all the way back. I say it gives him character. :)
Great Dane Portrait
Modern Great Dane Photography
Pet Photographer
Haha! This outtake just HAD to be shared. Mo does NOT look happy that his humans are laughing at the fact that he got drool everywhere. Oh Mo…
Charlotte Great Dane Photographer

I hope Mo’s family enjoys their sneak peek! I hope to see him again soon!

Beth - What a wonderful session!

Bean and Pip

I walked into Bean’s home and she was curled up napping on her little dog bed. Above it were adorable signs created by her human sister marking that part of the house “Bean’s spot”. Yeah, I could tell Bean has had a good 15 years.

Although thin and a little shaky, Bean was more than happy to raise her head and stand up to greet me. Her English Pointer nose quickly discovered my treat bag and I instantly had a new fan. I could tell she was having a good day.

Bean doesn’t have any health issues other than some arthritis that keeps her back legs a little wobbly. She does, however, tend to go through spells where she doesn’t feel so good – - but then she bounces back. The day of our session, she was officially bouncing back! We were so lucky because the day was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and we only had a small window of time to do the session before Christmas (the session was to be a surprise for Bean’s dad). It all worked out perfectly.

To keep things easy on Bean, we hung out in her lovely yard. She got to go in when she needed to rest or warm up. However, with my stinky beef liver treats, she didn’t want to leave my side. :)

Pet Photographer of the South East
Bean just has the look of a dog with an old soul. At her age, dogs are so in-tune with their humans. It still amazes me the connection they have with people. It’s so unbelievable special.
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
I love this silly one of Miss Bean…
English Pointer Portraiture
Carolinas Pet Photographer
Bean even got a little jumpy during our shoot! She kinda got the zoomies on…always a good sign of happiness. :)
Modern Images for Posh Pets
And these just melt my heart…
Charlotte NC Pet Portraits
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
While Bean was on a break, I got to photograph the other furry family member, Pip the Guinea Pig! Pip, you really didn’t have to do your hair for the session… ;)
Charlotte NC Animal Photographer
Guinea Pig Photographer
I have to finish this post with one of my most favorite images EVER. Bean and her sister… OMG… Love…
North Carolina Pet Photographer
Shortly after our session, I stopped by Bean’s house to drop something off. She wasn’t feeling well and would only eat out of someone’s hand. When I left her home, I cried in my car. I hope and pray she bounces back again. She is a special one…

TB - Ah! What a truly beautiful session… That last one of Bean and her sister is so perfect! And I love Pip in her hair ribbon!!!

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