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Rookie + Lola – Studio Session

Rookie and Lola have been in front of my camera before so I was beyond thrilled when they signed up for a studio session with me. These two are FULL of personality and have the squishiest and most kissable faces. I wanna squeeze their checks like a grandma would!!!

Charlotte NC Pet Studio Photography
Rookie is a little ball motivated. Too bad he’s not coordinated enough to catch them. ;)
North Carolina Pet Studio Photographer
This is the face Lola made when Rookie actually caught one!
Charlotte NC Pet Studio Photographer
This duo is bad to the bone…
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Modern Pet Studio Portraits
Charlotte NC Dog Studio Photographer
I hope you enjoyed this little peek of these crazy kids!

Sporty Spice

So, no, he is not a Spice Girl. In fact he’s a boy…a very handsome one at that. This little fluffernut is a cutie Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle mix) named Sport.

Sport was an absolute DREAM to photograph. As long as I had a treat, I had his FULL attention. He would just sit/lay/stand in front of the camera until he was “released” or fed a treat. From what his mom says, this is way different than he used to be when he was younger. Evidently, back in his heyday, Sport was a little bit of a crazy boy (weren’t we all?). He’s since calmed down and has even done several years of volunteering with at-risk children. What an angel…

Modern Images For Posh Pets
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Sport is now 11 years old and as healthy as can be. He’s had a couple knee surgeries that have slowed him down a bit but he still enjoys going on long walks through his neighborhood.
Modern Images For Posh Pets
Charlotte Schnoodle Photography
North Carolina Pet Photography
Sport_2Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
One of Sport’s favorite places to go is The Green located right in the middle of his hood. The neighborhood pups all meet there on Saturday mornings and have a fun play hour. :) Sport has quite a few friends he gossips with during this weekly meet-up.
Schnoodle Portraits
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Because of his past surgeries, Sport is a little wonky when he runs. I just couldn’t help but post one of the images of the faces he makes!
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
North Carolina Pet Photographer
Don’t you just want to lean down and kiss this little munchkin?!?!?!
Charlotte NC Pet Portraits
Thank you, Sport, for being such a doll! I can’t wait to see you again soon!! xx!!!
Carolinas Dog Portraits

Tucker – Studio Session

For a little over a year, I had a tiny little 11×8 foot office that I used for client meetings and ordering consultations. When we made the move to Uptown Charlotte, I knew I had to move my office out of Cornelius. I looked for months and months and finally found a place that would just be large enough for what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to have a big enough space to meet with clients, work out of, AND do studio work. My new space isn’t super big or fancy – just 360-ish square feet – but it gets the job done.

My husband and I have been trying to personalize the space since we moved in and we are nearly finished (pics to come soon!). Fortunately, it’s far enough along that I can already set up my studio background and lights. I’m so excited to be shooting in the studio again…no need to worry about weather, time of day, etc. Plus, I love the nice clean look it gives!

So without further ado, I’ll be featuring some of my latest studio work here on the blog! Hooray!

One of the first models in the new space was Tucker. Please give a warm welcome to this multi-colored and very unique looking handsome boy!!!

Charlotte NC Dog Studio Photographer
Charlotte NC Pet Studio Photography
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Charlotte NC Pet Studio Photographer
Modern Pet Studio Portraits

Casey - LOVE!!!!! I know I’m on my honeymoon but I’m stuck inside today from turning into a lobster yesterday so I just HAD to tell you I love these!!!


Cosmo’s session was scheduled for a “warmer” day – about 43 degrees – which, at that time, was warm for the weather pattern we were having. Yeah. Well, turned out Mother Nature wanted to bring along a crazy wind chill with that so it wasn’t so “warm”. I’m talking, bundled up and still freezing kinda winds. Obviously, little Cosmo is a Chihuahua and they are very sensitive to the cold. We would go out a shoot a picture and then come right back in to get her warm. It was pretty obvious that it was going to be stressful on her so we scrapped the session for the afternoon and decided to try again the next day. It was probably the best decision because we lucked out with a very pretty evening and Cosmo was much more comfortable. She certainly got to show off her sweet little personality! :)

North Carolina Chihuahua Portraits
This is Cosmo to a T! She is a little superstar!!!
Pet Photographer of the Carolinas
Pet Photographer in North Carolina
She loved my liver treats and wanted to let me know! 
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Cosmo likes to be transported in her fashionable animal print bag. It doubles as a body warmer and it looks so chic (as does her mom)!
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Modern Animal Photographer
Modern Images for Posh Pets
Cosmo’s different faces crack me up! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many different expressions from a Chihuahua!
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
This one is the killer for me. It looks like someone drew a smily face right on her mouth. I just wanna grab her and give her a big kiss!
Lake Norman area Pet photographer
Thanks to Cosmo for being such a patient model and hanging in there for our second day. I look forward to seeing your supermodel poses in the studio! :)

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