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Millie and Marlowe

Oh My Dog! Oh My Dog! Oh My Dog!

That’s what kept running through my head during Millie and Marlowe’s session…and while I was culling their images…and editing…and designing their album…and on and on and on. Seriously. These two Goldendoodle puppies gave me a perma-grin that I just can’t shake. I don’t think anyone can handle all of their cuteness. So I’m putting it to the test with this blog post.

We spent a lovely evening in Millie and Marlowe’s backyard where these two got to go all out wild! They were wrestling, chasing the ball, and plain ol’ acting goofy. I mean, what else would puppies do? I introduce Millie (on the right) and Marlowe (on the left)…

Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Marlowe is the youngest of the two at just 5 months. I think he’s part kangaroo because he’s a hopping machine!
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Goldendoodle Puppy with Ball
Charlotte NC Goldendoodle Portrait
Aghhhhhhh! I told you the cuteness would be too much!!!!
Goldendoodle Puppy Portraits
Goldendoodle Puppy Photographer
Modern Images for Posh Pets
Millie is the older sister (actually half-sister) and comes in at 11 months old. She’s been through some training and was happy to show off her new “sit” command as well as her don’t-ignore-me face!
Contemporary Animal Portraits
North Carolina Pet Portrait Photographer
Charlotte NC Puppy Photographer
Fun Dog Photography
Cute Pet Photos

The whole time I was at their house, Millie and Marlowe never chilled out next to each other. We kinda made this moment happen but only after the craziness you’re about to see…

Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
This is more like the puppy-play I witnessed when they were together. Haha! They were full-throttle!!!
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Charlotte NC Animal photographer
Doodle puppies playing portrait

What a wonderful and fun time! Their album looks amazing and I’m even ordering a print from this session for one of my new framed print samples. Love, love, love!!!

So, I wanna know…could you handle the cuteness???

Jennifer - to stinkin’ adorable. Amazing images as usual


Dashiell is only the second Wirehaired Dachshund I’ve ever had the honor of photographing. And, I must say, he was beyond amazing to work with. This one-year-old boy was very well-trained and would do anything for a treat. Not to mention he’s about as adorable as they come! His little beard and fluffy back-mohawk made me a little weak in the knees.

I got to meet Dashiell on the beautiful evening on Mother’s Day. We started out shooting at his house but quickly moved on to the always lovely Fisher Farm. I was blown away when we got there! The sun was sparkling, the grass was tall and flowing, and the purple flowers were dancing in the breeze. We were in heaven!

I have to start this sneak peek with the images from Fisher Farm because Dashiell took my breath away standing in all of that gorgeousness…

Charlotte NC Pet Photography
I could photograph this every day. And Dashiell just made it that much more special!
Wire-Haired Doxie
Modern Pet Photographer
This is one of my favorite shots of the evening. He bounced through the grass like a bunny and it was to die for!
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Davidson NC Dog Portraits
North Carolina Animal Photographer
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Back at Dashiell’s house, we explored his backyard and he worked his magic…
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
His “Bang! Bang!”…
Dog Portraits in Charlotte NC
Fun Modern Dog Photos
And one last cute one (his human brother and sister’s favorite)…
Contemporary Dog Portraits

Thank you, Dashiell, for such a wonderful session. I hope your mom enjoyed her Mother’s Day present!!!

Beth - He’s so cute! Beautiful photos.

Brittani Croft - Oh that face! And those ears when he runs! And his little beard! :) Too handsome!


According to his mom, Oliver is the All-American dog. He is a black, mixed-breed rescue…in my opinion, one of the best kinds of dogs out there!

Now Oliver isn’t just your run-of-the-mill pup. Noooo. He’s a smarty pants and will do anything for a treat (and don’t say that word too loudly). His repertoire of tricks is pretty extensive and he’ll go through them all before you have a chance to ask. Oh, and his crooked front paws and head tilt are the cherry on top.

We spent Mother’s Day morning hanging out in Oliver’s gorgeous back yard. After an hour-and-a-half, I had fallen in love with this fluffy little guy. I would have taken him home with me, but that probably wouldn’t be too nice to do to his mom on Mother’s Day.

Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Modern Images for Posh Pets
Oliver was a phenomenal model. His mom was a little worried that he wouldn’t look at the camera because he shies away from her iPhone. Some treats and a ball solved that issue. :)
Modern Dog Photographer in US
This is one of my favs…
Pet Photographer in Southeast US
Oh, and this one. That face. I tell ya…
North Carolina Pet Photographer
US Pet Photographer
And some goofy ones of this sweet boy…
North Carolina Pet Photography
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Oliver’s eyes are absolutely piercing. I don’t know if it was the light or what, but his eyes looked this gorgeous straight out of the camera. Wow!
Animal Photographer in the Carolinas
North Carolina Dog Photographer
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Thank you so much, Oliver, for knocking our socks off. What a special gift you are to your mother. Everyday must feel like Mother’s Day to her. xx!

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