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Cliff, Molly & Linus – Basset Besties

Eeeeek! I’ve been having so much fun editing this session and I’m so excited to share a sneak peek!

Cliff, Molly and Linus (shown below from left to right) are your typical Basset clan but with some fun and unique personalities! They had me (and some on-lookers) giggling the entire session and they impressed me with their fabulous modeling!

These three typically spend most days at doggy daycare doing what they love most – lounging around and sniffing hound-style. When they get home in the evening, they are ready for the most important thing…sleep! Haha! The day of our photo shoot was no different. They were pretty tired after daycare which made them very cooperative subjects. How else can you get three dogs to pose for the camera at the same time?

Miss Molly is the youngest of the pack at only 8 months old. She still has her baby puppy-dog face and it just kills me! :)
Cliff, who is named after the Cheers character, was probably my favorite (am I allowed to say that?). If he was a person, I could totally see him going into a bar like Cheers, grabbing a beer and telling jokes. He is such a funny boy! Can’t you tell?!?
Last but not least, there is Linus. He is ALL Basset with his nose to the ground and some huge, floppy, adorable ears! Such a cutie-pie!
Don’t you just love their little stubby legs and paws?
Um, does anyone have a napkin for Cliff?
It was such a pleasure watching these guys do what they do as they explored the park. 
Near the end of the session, the sun popped out over the lake. The pups were more than happy to pose in front of the warm, sparkly light.
And Molly was ready for a puppy nap…
The end! :)

Christina - I’ve been waiting for these guys since I saw the preview post on facebook! What a great group of dogs and photos. :) The last one is my favorite.

Emilee Fuss - Oh my goodness, these are perfect! I’m kind of envious that you got to photograph a Basset trio. :) It’s obvious by the photos that you had a blast with these three. They are adorable! Great work!

Michele - I absolutely ADORE every single photo and all three of those faces!

Charlotte Reeves - Love that last shot, just perfect! Bassets are so photogenic aren’t they?

Ali Peterson - As if the first photo wasn’t adorable enough, they just kept getting better as I scrolled down. The last shot is priceless! I want THAT shot of my three!!

admin - Thanks, ladies! I seriously wanted to snatch these pups up and take them home with me! I love how their personalities are written on their faces! :) I love the bum shot too! Such great friends!

illona - scruffy dog photography - awesome. i LOVE this shoot. beautiful job.

Disney – Angel Session

I am so in LOVE with this session.

Disney’s mom contacted me because this sweet little Cocker Spaniel is dealing with an unfortunate case of renal failure. Diagnosed back in January, she has been taking fluids almost daily to keep her energy up and keep her cravings going strong for her special boiled chicken meals. Disney had been having her good and bad days so we scheduled a session as quickly as possible in hopes of catching her feeling a little perky. Not only did we get a “good day”, we got a great one!

We got to meet on a gorgeous Saturday morning – a morning that Disney felt especially well. She was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (well, Cockers only have a stub, but you know what I mean) and she totally rocked it for the camera. Our morning was full of laughing, singing (“Little Disney woo wee, special little woo wee, Disney Little woo wee…”), and just enjoying Disney’s company. Even with failing health, Disney is surrounded by happiness, positivity, and endless love.

Isn’t she a beautiful and happy little pup?!?

Disney had so much energy during her session! I think she saved it up just so her mom could get some great images of her happy baby.
The gorgeous girls together…

Again, more energy! Disney was more than willing to chase her beloved ball for some yummy chicken snacks!
We even got to fit in a car ride! I actually love that you can see her shaved leg. Despite the IVs and medications, she still has a smile on her face.
Other than great parents, Disney also has a wonderful feline companion named Tiger. They are best buds…
Tiger has quite the personality. He, too, has a special song and sound effects – Lil’ tig tige…Lil tig tige…
Happy cat…
And I’ll finish off the blog post with a couple more images of Disney, the star. I love these images of her cozying up to her parents. :)

This session is a testament to the power of positive energy and the effect laughter and smiles can have. Please send Disney and her family all of the positive thoughts and prayers you can as they continue to comfort Disney in her battle. I am so glad we got to spend this wonderful morning together and I hope Disney’s family treasures her images for a lifetime.

Colleen Byrd - Tears roll down my face as I looked at these precious moments between me and my precious Disney, I Can’t express enough how happy I am about that day and how talented Sarah is at bringing out the unspoken connection between me and my dog. SHE IS MY ANGEL, EVERYTHING GOOD IN MY LIFE AND A TRUE PIECE OF HEAVEN. God gave me Disney to show me his character, I will forever be without a piece of my heart because Disney has it. Sarah you. Inspire me to strive to be what I am meant to do. Surrounding myself with animals and unconditional love….thanks again for a wonderful opportunity to express one of my best days in my life, a day with MY DOG!..

Ali Peterson - Disney is adorable. Great shots as always. But I must say, I actually favor the cat! Cats are so hard to get not only good shots, but unique shots, and ALL of these are just awesome!

Trinity and Tater – Opposites Attract

Trinity is a gorgeous, shiny, blue Great Dane full of grace and style. Tater, on the other hand, is a short, scruffy, little Terrier-mix shaped, well, like a potato. As opposite as they are, they are equally as cute and are best buds!

These two love hanging out together in the backyard as well as the boat launch area in their neighborhood. We were lucky enough to dodge the rain and spent an evening together doing what they love most! Don’t these two make quite the pair? I’d say they were related. Lol!

I love Tater’s scruffy fur and happy little face! :)
Trinity is so beautiful and regal. Great Dane’s just pull at my heart strings!
“So…that black box gives out treats?”
Trinity’s ears just scream her personality. Love them!
Tater ventures onto the rocks while channeling his inner chameleon…
Trinity is able to perfect her gallop in the open field.

Sarah | Chic Sprinkles - Hehe their differences are endearing! You captured their friendship so well. I want to hang that last image on the wall in my office! Love the little butts xx

Beth - Wow!! Just perfect :)

Ali Peterson - These are two silly looking pups (in a good way, of course)!

Before & After – Correcting Images

Ok, ok. I know what you are going to say….

EEEEEEEEKKKK! What is THIS picture?!?

Well, honestly, this is what came straight out of my camera – totally naked. I want to show you just what goes into the editing and post-processing of your images. I haven’t done a post like this in over a year so I figured I was due for an update.

This not-so-great image is underexposed, contains distractions, is a little too blue and grey for my taste, and lacks any kind of pop. This need serious help…

Correcting all of these things probably took me 10 minutes or so. And that is just for 1 image. And, no, not all cases are this extreme but it can certainly happen on several images within a gallery. This is why it takes time for me to perfect your final product. The edited version reflects my style and has a warm and happy feel to it. What could have easily made it into the “trash” group for being underexposed, is now one of my favorite images from the session. This is all a continuation of my art…
And a side-by-side…

I hope you enjoyed this little behind-the-scenes peek at my naked image. Ugh! Sometimes it’s hard for me to even look at. But, hey, we all can’t be perfect! :)

Dana Paul - Hello – I love your pictures and I really love how you edited this shot. Do you use any actions? I would love to see what you did to edit this photo!

admin - Thanks, Dana! I actually don’t use any actions. On almost all of my images (including this one), I correct white balance, exposure, fill, blacks, and contrast in Adobe Camera Raw (I’m old school without Lightroom). Then I bring the image into Photoshop and use Curves adjustments to add contrast. On this particular picture, I had to do many local Curves adjustments using masks. Then I just sharpen it up! I’ll try to do a step-by-step post in the future! :)

Charlotte Reeves - Great post Sarah – I think your editing style and method must be very similar to mine! Only exception is, I use Lightroom. We make all the same decisions though, I would have edited that shot almost exactly the same! Great shot, by the way!

Natasha - I personally love seeing before and after images and you don’t have anything to worry about because it’s “naked”. I believe the editing defines your style which makes you unique. I love how you post processed this image – you really brought it to life! Do you do selective sharpening like on the eyes only or general whole image sharpening? As a hobbyist photographer, I struggle with that constantly.

admin - Natasha – thank you! Yes, I do sharpen the eyes and then the entire image. I’m going to put a post together that goes into more detail so be on the lookout! :)

Conrade - Wow, This is so cool! I would love for you to do a step by step post or tutorial sometimes! That would be awesome!

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