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Bark For Life – Lake Norman

I’m not going to lie. When I got home Saturday after Bark For Life, I cried. I cried for the dogs, I cried for their parents, I cried for the survivors, I cried for the unlucky ones, I cried for anyone having to deal with Cancer. Hearing the stories of loss, struggle, and survival really hit me hard when I walked in my door and was welcomed home by my two dogs, Eva and Sadie. I couldn’t help but look at them and think to myself, “What if those stories were my story? What if one of my dogs got Cancer?” I was scared, sad, frustrated, and heartbroken.

After about a minute, those feelings turned around. I thought about what each Bark For Life event accomplishes and what each event stands for. A wonderful team of volunteers, survivors, and good samaritans organize and attend these events around the country to raise money to fight the “C” word we have all grown to hate. Maybe we can all take hold of the Hope that’s in Pandora’s Box? Hope that very soon there will be better medicines. Hope that there will be a cure. Hope that Cancer will no longer exist. Hope that no one – 4-legged or human – has to deal with the effects of Cancer.

This year, the Bark For Life event in Lake Norman/Birkdale raised nearly $25,000! The large crowd enjoyed beautiful weather, a relaxing walk, great vendors, and fun raffles and contests. I got to meet some incredible dogs and dedicated parents who are all ready to keep Hope alive! I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all that attended, volunteered, and supported this event. Thanks to you, hopefully I will never have to look at Eva and Sadie again and wonder, “What if?

Mrs. Lake Norman and the *awesome* Chair of the event get things started!
The large crowd gets ready for the walk and they are lead by Jax, the event’s Canine Ambassador. This sweet man is available for adoption through Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love
And the walk begins!!!
Some pups need a helping hand or a quick break in the cool grass.
Sometimes, they just can’t do it all on their own. Isn’t that what this event is really about?
After the walk, everyone gathered around to select Best Trick (being frisked by a real cop!) and Best Kiss…slurp!
Many thanks to all of the lovable dogs (and people) that came out for such a great cause. You are all rock stars and heroes!

If your pup isn’t featured here, it’s not because he isn’t photogenic! Find more adorable 4-leggers here: A portion of the proceeds from sales of prints will go to the American Cancer Society.

Did you miss Lake Norman’s Bark For Life event or would you like to participate in another walk? The American Cancer Society is holding a Charlotte Bark For Life event this Sunday April 28th at the Dog Bar in NoDa. For more information, visit the website: Thank you again to everyone associated with these wonderful events!

Cali – A Puga-what? A Pugapoo.

When I heard that Cali was a Pugapoo, one of the first things that *unfortunately* ran through my mind was the Destiny’s Child song, Bugaboo. Yeah, that song is old and definitely not one of my favorites but I just can’t get it out of my head when I say the word Pugapoo. I mean, who doesn’t want to sing it and substitute in Pugapoo? Anyway, music aside, I was beyond thrilled to photograph my first Pug-Poodle mix!

Cali certainly didn’t disappoint! She quickly warmed up to me and the camera and I’m pretty sure we bonded over a couple treats and a fluffy dog toy. I think I have a new best friend for life!

We started her session in her back yard where she showed me some of her best modeling looks. Forget Zoolander’s Blue Steel. Cali’s “La Dent” (a.k.a. “The Tooth”) takes the cake!

Cali was born missing a couple toes on her front paw. It doesn’t bother her too much but she likes to keep it off the ground from time to time.
Despite her minor handicap, she doesn’t hesitate to chase her ball!
I couldn’t resist posting this one. I’m not sure what to call this look…
Cali loves to swim so we took a short trip over to the lake access area in her neighborhood. This is one happy dog!
And she’s off to retrieve her ball!
Who needs a hair dryer when you can hang your head out the window?
Cali wanted to be sure we showed off her feline sister, Bella. Bella thinks she’s a dog but is one of the prettiest cats I’ve seen!

Thanks so for such a great session, Cali! I can’t wait to hang out with you and Bella again!

Jenn (Cali's Mommy) - I can’t thank you enough for capturing the most precious pictures of our babies! You are so talented, and we absolutely LOVE the pictures we’ve seen so far. :) The commentary is perfect too!

denise schindelholz - Ohhh my! You brought out every characteristic in my grand-baby! Very impressed with it all, great job! What a treasure these pics will bring to all that love our cali-cupcake-with sincere thanks, CALI’S Grammy & Jenns Momma :)

Angie Saylor - Love my sweet Cali and Bella’s pictures. The photographer is incredible. They truly tell the story of Cali’s life. Love them!!!!!!

Lola Kenney - What Great pictures – thanks for sharing Denise (aka: Grammy)!

Blitz and Miss Priss – Kitty Power!

OMG! I love kitties! Unfortunately, I don’t get to photograph them as often as I would like. But, when I do, I love going through the images! These two kitties had me laughing the whole time I was editing. Their excitement for catnip bubbles and frilly feathers was totally contagious! Blitz may be a little bit fluffy but he can move with the best of ‘em…

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no…it’s a kitty on catnip!!!
Blitz smiling like the Cheshire cat…
Well, I guess he’s over the bubbles.
Miss Priss’ turn!!!
Her eyes are simply gorgeous…
Blitz breaks for some lovin.
And then he’s back!
Miss Priss loves the bubbles and she likes to curiously watch them fall from above.
This bubble must have been special!
Ahhhh…the cat’s life…

Julie Clegg - These are absolutely amazing! Love all of them!

Jake, Jackie & Bailey – 3 Amigos

To live on acres and acres of land is probably any dog’s dream. Keeping guard over the house, greeting any visitors, overseeing the livestock, and watching for squirrels, turkeys, and snakes would just be part of a day’s work. For Jake, Jackie, and Bailey, this dream is 100% a reality. These three pups started this dream as strays that were lucky enough to be taken in by their current family. They immediately assimilated to the country lifestyle and are now wonderful pets and even great working dogs…even more than the Border Collie at the end of the street!

We started our session on the wrap-around porch – one of this pack’s favorite hang outs. Here is Jake…

and camera shy Bailey…
and the 4-legged amigos…
One of the pack’s favorite things to do is to take a walk down the street to their grandfather’s house. Just say the word and they are ready to go!
It’s a pretty long walk but along the way there are gorgeous fields to explore and rest in…
At their grandfather’s house, they get close and personal with the cows.
Jake makes sure none of the livestock are out of line…
Bailey was ready to work even though the cows were all set for the night.
After such a long walk and tons of exploring, the dogs hopped a ride back home on the trailer.
Jackie never misses a beat with those big ears!
What a great ending to a fun-filled evening! These dogs are super awesome and they have quite the life. I hope their humans enjoy this sneak peek and I can’t wait to see you three again soon!

Brittani - Amazing Sarah! This is pretty much my dream session – love me some farm dogs! What a beautiful crew and you seemed to capture their unique personalities perfectly. I have so many favorites, so I have no idea how their family will choose what to order and display!

Charlotte Reeves - Wow, I agree with Brittani, what a dream session! Stunning location and scenery and three gorgeous dogs, what more could you want. Farm dogs are definitely the happiest dogs and you’ve portrayed them perfectly Sarah. :)

Cathy P - Love this session – especially the last one where he’s looking back – you take fabulous photos!

illona - scruffy dog photography - beautiful beautiful beautiful. what gorgeous images, Sarah. absolutely stunning. love every one of them! bravo.

Happy Tails: Jake, Jackie and Bailey | The Daily Dog Tag - [...] ride home in the wagon.  Lucky dogs indeed!  You can see more of this happy trio on Sarah’s blog. Country Dogs, Happy Tails, Lifestyle [...]

Amy - Such an adorable session!!!! Those dogs defiantly have the life!! :D

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