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Charlotte Today with Fez & Lucy

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the awesome people at Charlotte Today about doing a segment on my photography. At first, I honestly thought it was a joke or someone trying to sell me something (I get spam phone calls all the time from “news” websites) but they were for real! I was super excited but totally nervous at the same time. I am NOT one to be in front of the camera – especially talking about myself!

Fortunately I got to bring along a couple of my favorite doggy models to work it for the cameraman. You may remember Fez and Lucy from their session here. We had a great time and I’m so happy with the way the clip turned out. (Well, besides my nervous stuttering and fidgeting. Haha!) In fact, I was so nervous, I was just shooting away and not really paying attention to my camera settings. Fortunately, I got a couple cute shots from our afternoon together.

And here is the segment!


A huge thanks goes out to the Charlotte Today crew, Fez & Lucy, and Fez & Lucy’s Mom and Dad (who was in a wreck right before he met with us)! You all made my year! :)

Peter Taylor - That was awesome Sarah! You looked great and very comfortable in front of the camera! That is a great piece. Congrats!

Beth - You got some great shots of these two! (No surprise there though!) I thought your TV segment was great :)

» Boston Terrier Puppies by McGraw Photography | My CMS - [...] loved these guys so much that I even asked them if they wanted to be filmed for a segment on the news about my photography. As of right now, they have been professionally photographed, seen on the [...]

Boston Terrier Puppies by McGraw Photography | My CMS - [...] loved these guys so much that I even asked them if they wanted to be filmed for a segment on the news about my photography. As of right now, they have been professionally photographed, seen on the [...]

Kirby and Lucy – Double Trouble

Kirby and Lucy are BFFs and basically grew up together. Related through their 2-legged parents, this pair spends a ton of time together chasing balls and “ruff”housing in Kirby’s backyard. Lucy is an adorable little black and white Havanese and Kirby is a rare, totally white Miniature Schnauzer. Together, they are double trouble! ;)

Kirby loves to play fetch and is super fast on his feet!
Lucy might not fetch the ball but it doesn’t stop her from trying to get it from Kirby. They wipe themselves right out by playing this game!
Best buddies…
Kirby was such a ham for the camera. I didn’t mind one bit!
Lucy made sure she had her time in the spotlight too!
Kirby found something nice and stinky to roll in…
Lucy and Kirby (and their super awesome family) trekked across a field so we could get some pretty shots with the evening sun. I’d say it was worth the journey! 
Back home, Kirby was exhausted and wasn’t afraid to let me know. Lol!
Thanks for such a fun session and I can’t wait for your family to see the other shots!

stacey - I love every one of these shots! So playful and gorgeous light!

Jackie P - I always enjoy the fun clients you have and the beautiful way you capture them!

Sophie – The Modern Maltese

What’s a great and unique wedding present for the fabulous bride with killer style? Well, when she has a super-adorable Maltese named Sophie, it would have to be a doggy photo shoot!

This top-secret session was arranged by the bride’s good friend and business partner who wanted to give her something modern and unexpected but something that would be meaningful and memorable. We decided to photograph Sophie in the arts district of Charlotte, also known as NoDa. With funky and colorful walls and super-fun doggy graffiti, the vibe of the shoot certainly matches the trendy stylings of Sophie’s parents.

Sophie was an absolute dream to work with and, even though she’s mostly an indoor pup, she wasn’t taken aback by all of the hustle and bustle going on around us on that gorgeous day. She seriously looks like a little stuffed animal in her images! What a cutie!

Sophie had the head tilt down pat by the middle of the session!
And what Maltese is complete without some clothes? Sophie insisted on showing off her favorite dress!

I hope Sophie’s parents enjoy their gift and have an absolutely wonderful marriage with Sophie by their sides!

myrtle - Great! So lovely photos.=D

Louie – Mr. Lambchop

Meet Louie – a.k.a. Lambchop, Little Man, Bear Cub, and Wiggle Butt! Louie is the most perfect and sweetest cuddle monster! He is such a lover and he never fails to give out kisses with his amazingly long tongue! In fact, his tongue is so big that sometimes it just can’t fit in his mouth and it has to hang out. Love him!

We spent an overcast evening hanging around Louie’s gorgeous turf. His mom lives on Lake Norman so Louie enjoys daily walks on the surrounding pathways and docks as he scopes out the water for ducks and fish. It was a pleasure to tag along with this handsome Cocker Spaniel! Enjoy his sneak peek – I’m hoping his sweetness is contagious!

Louie has hip and knee problems so we made sure to give him several breaks during the session. He still wanted to work it for the camera though!
Hey stud muffin!!!
Isn’t he so handsome?!? I love that his tongue is barely poking through in this one…
Thanks, Louie, for being such a wonderful model! I can’t wait to visit you again soon! :)

Ellen Robinson - Thank you for capturing these amazing pictures of my Louie! I know he had a lot of fun – thank you, Sarah!

Mary Withers - These pictures of Louie are precious!! They reminded me of my granddog Logan. He had the same long tongue that sometimes just wouldn’t all fit in his mouth!!! Thank you for sharing these pictures of such an adorable fellow!!

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