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Serta Pet Beds

I couldn’t be more excited to share some of the fun images we got during a commercial shoot for Serta Pet Beds! Their new and jazzy website is now live! I for one know just how great these beds look and feel. I spent hours and hours stuffing them, setting them up, photographing them, and yes, lying down in them (they are super-comfy…I’d rather sleep in them than my bed!). Without further ado, here are the stunning models showing off their favorite beds…

Commercial Dog Photographer
Serta Pet Beds Photo Shoot
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
I really love the True Timber line. Camo is so hot right now!
Charlotte NC Commercial Pet Photographer
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Commercial Pet Photographer
US Pet Photographer
US Commercial Pet Photography
And a few screen shots from the new site. Go and check it out for yourself!
North Carolina Pet Photographer
Commercial Dog Photographer
And of course I had to include this last screen shot. See that little black paw down there? Yep, that’s my little Sadie’s paw. She was so patient while we got her leg at just the right angle. I’m so proud! :)
Pet Portraits
If your pup has what it takes for commercial work (VERY well-trained, fit, etc), stay tuned to my Facebook page because I have model calls on a regular basis. :)

Elin - Lovely pictures! I was wondering how you do with commercial work, do you pay the dog owner or do they for example get the pictures? :)

Svennie and Willow

Puppy mills are a huge problem in North Carolina and Svennie was one of the many, many dogs that have to suffer the consequences of our lack of laws and punishments.

A year ago, Svennie was rescued during a puppy mill raid. She was only 6 months old but she was already left with the everlasting health effects…including meningitis. Her parents gave her all the medical care, love, and feeling of home that she was denied for the first part of her life. Despite all of their efforts, the balancing act between Svennie’s prednisone and meningitis became too much for her delicate body to handle. Sadly, we scheduled her Angel Session as she was being weaned off her last round of meds.

Cute Pet Portraits
Modern Images for Posh Pets
Charlotte, NC Pet Photographer
Charlotte North Carolina Pet Photography
Willow, Svennie’s sister, joined in on the session too. She provided some comic relief for what was a very heartbreaking session.
Charlotte, NC Dog Photographer
Some of my favorite images were of Svennie with her mom. Although they only got to share 1 year together, their love was like no other.
Angel Session
Charlotte, NC Pet Photography
Boxer Love
Rest in peace, sweet Svennie. We will do all we can in your honor to make this puppy mill problem a thing of the past.

Crystal Vineyard - Sarah…..There aren’t words to accurately describe what having these images of Svennie means to me. They are truly priceless and I look at them each and every day. Thank you for being so accommodating and caring during a very difficult time.


Back in the day, I learned photography with black-and-white film. I developed my own negatives, printed my own prints, and even made a make-shift darkroom in the laundry room of one of my apartments while in college. Needless to say, black-and-white images hold a near and dear place in my heart.

However, typically with pet photography, the gorgeous sunlight and outdoor locations really scream for color. I typically only convert images to black-and-white when people are included in the shots. This allows the emotion and connection between subjects to shine through. Strangely, when I was editing Simone’s gallery, something just begged for black-and-white conversions. I don’t know if it was the indoor location, the beautiful “eyeliner” around her eyes, or the dynamics of a kitty-cat’s life. I grinned from ear to ear when I saw how lovely this feline subject became in a monochromatic image. Therefore, I’ve dedicated this entire post to Simone in black-and-white. :)

As a side note, I really approached this session as a day-in-the-life of a cat. I, of course, threw in some portraits, etc, but I really wanted to focus on capturing the essence of this little rescue kitty subject. So, naturally, we start off by sunbathing in the warm morning sunlight…

Study of Cat in black and white
Southeast US Cat Photographer
Then it is playtime.
Fun Cat Pictures
North Carolina Cat Photographer
A.D.D….is that a bird? or just a leaf falling?
Modern Images for Posh Pets
Just hanging out on her throne.
Modern Cat Portraits
Kitty Portraits
This has to be one of my favorites. It’s so quintessential cat overlooking her kingdom…
Cat Portraits
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Nothing like a good chin rub and some exploring.
NoDa Pet Photographer
Charlotte NC Cat Photography
And the most adorable series of a kitty I’ve seen! ;)
Feline Pet Photography
After all the adventures, it’s time for a nap in the sunroom…
Charlotte NC Cat Photographer
I hope you enjoyed this black-and-white day-in-the-life of Simone. :) I can’t wait to see this story come together in her Coffee Table Album! Meow!

Stephanie Dempsey - Sarah, we are so happy with your photos. Simone loved spending time with you and strutting her stuff for the camera. You really made a connection with her and captured her essence. We are honored to have your artwork in our home. Also, Simone wants to know when you are coming over again to play with her.

Stephanie (Simone’s mama)


Some days are just made for the perfect photo shoot.

The day I met Fergie, the sun was out, there was a slightly cool breeze, and the colors of fall were starting to appear. We met in an abandoned field that was filled with gorgeous yellow flowers which complimented Fergie’s wavy fur. Her spunky personality was on full display as she bounced around, explored, and chewed on sticks.

Even though Fergie had a busy day of traveling (she’d been visiting rescues looking for a fur-buddy), she could keep going and going. Every once in a while her eyes would get a little heavy, but then the breeze would bring in a new smell and her face would perk right up again.

Man, I just love this happy little girl! Meet Fergie, the 10-month-old Cockapoo…

Playful and fun dog photography
Charlotte, NC Pet Photographer
Charlotte, NC Dog Photography
Charlotte, NC Pet Photography
Pet Portrait Photographer
Fergie’s beautiful parents even joined in for some pics. Isn’t that a lovely family?!?
Carolinas Dog Portrait Photography
Charlotte, NC Dog Photographer
Running Cockapoo in Grass
North Carolina Animal Pictures
Modern Animal Portraits
This session had definitely made me ready for the fall season! The colors throughout this shoot are going to be phenomenal in Fergie’s Coffee Table Album! Can’t wait!!!

Brittani Croft - Oh goodness I love this session! Fergie is so expressive and her color is so beautiful, and it pops so well from the amazing scenery. And what a good looking family she has! :)