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Oh my Dog! Emma could be the most sweet, sugar-coated, melt-in-your-mouth kinda pup I know. This little angel was a true gem during our session and she gave me some of my new favorite images.

Her session took place at one of my favorite locations and we were able to explore and enjoy the lovely Fall colors. The sun even came out (which would be great on a freezing day like today…brrrrrr!).

North Carolina Dog Photographer
Seriously. Those ears and that smile.

Yeah, you got me…

Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Don’t you just want to give that nose a big smooooooooch!?!?
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Dog Portrait Photographer
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Time for some fun!!!!
North Carolina Pet Photographer
Modern Images for Posh Pets
Charlotte Dog Portrait Photographer
North Carolina Dog Photography
And we finished off with a few with mom. I heart these. <3
North Carolina Dog Portraits
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer

So, where would you rather be on a cold day like today?

Goodbye in 2014

This is the hardest post to write of the year even though there are few words. The longer I’m in business, the more pets I photograph, and, inevitably, the more I have to say goodbye to. The loss of a pet is the loss of a family member and this is my little way of memorializing each one of our furbabies that have crossed Rainbow Bridge. Each and every one of them is deeply missed but are now in a land full of tennis balls, frisbees, squeakies, catnip, and mice. May you all rest in peace. It was an honor to photograph your amazing spirits. xx.


Goodbye in 2014
Goodbye in 2014
Goodbye in 2014
Goodbye in 2014
Goodbye in 2014
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Charlotte NC Animal Portraits

Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Charlotte NC Cat Photographer
Charlotte NC Pet Photography
Mooresville Dog Photography
North Carolina Dog Photographer
Pineville NC Pet Photographer
Charlotte NC Pet Studio Photographer
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Charlotte Pet Photographer
Charlotte Pet Photographer
Charlotte NC Pet Photography

May your families find peace and comfort. Much love…

Barbara Sprague - Sarah,
You will be thrilled to know every cat you have photographed for us has found a home!!! Most of the dogs have also found their fur-ever families too!
Thank you for all that you do for the animals!


The fall colors popped a little later than usual this year so Abby’s family lucked out during their session. We thought we’d miss prime leaf-changing but Mother Nature surprised us! Dear Abby’s session (get it? hehe!) turned out to have some of the best color of all my Fall sessions. And Abby’s gorgeous coloring was just the icing on the gold and orange cake!

Cornelius NC Pet Portrait Session
Our session took place at Jetton Park on the banks of Lake Norman. I wasn’t lying about this color! I die!
North Carolina Pet Photographer
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Abby has had two ACL surgeries and she has the signature “sit” of a pup that has gone through that. I actually think it’s endearing how she kicks her legs out from underneath her. :)
North Carolina Dog Photographer
Charlotte NC Dog Photography
Is it me? Or is she smiling in all of the fall goodness?
Fall Pet Session at Jetton Park
At the end of Abby’s session, we stumbled across a private little peninsula that gifted us with the most magnificent background for cuddles.
Modern Pet Portraits
Our own little piece of heaven…
Lake Norman Dog Photographer
Thank you guys for such an unforgettable session! I hope you cherish your stunning canvases and Coffee Table Album!!! xoxo!

Sunny, Rusty, Lilith and Chip

It was definitely the coldest morning of the Fall season and I was struggling through a terrible flu/double ear infection/cough-thing, but I couldn’t let this four-pack of poodles down. Their session had already been rained out once, so this brisk November morning was going to happen. And I’m so glad it did! With some delicious tea from their fur-mom, we powered through the cold. Woohoo!

First to get photographed was October Rust, aka, Rusty. This tall girl was born without a ball-and-socket joint in her front leg. She has a little limp but gets by just fine! She loves to explore her big backyard and find sticks to run around with and chew on.

Fun Poodle Photography
Mooresville NC Dog Photography
Dog Portrait Photos
Another one of Rusty’s favorite activities is to wrestle with her sister, September Sun (on the right, below).
Mooresville NC Pet Photography
Playful Poodle Images
September Sun, aka Sunny, is obsessed with tennis balls and her frisbee. As long as I had either one of those handy, I had her undivided attention!
Poodle Portraits
Fun Dog Portrait Photographer
Mooresville Pet Portraits
Charlotte NC Animal Photographer
After the big girls, we photographed Lilith. This little toy Poodle was found abandoned in Charlotte but has settled in perfectly in her Poodle-filled home. She’s now obsessed with squeakies and will rip apart any toy to get to them.
Poodle Portraits
Mooresville NC Pet Photographer
Modern Dog Portraits
Charlotte NC Poodle Photographer
Modern Images for Posh Pets
Lastly, we photographed Chippendale…Chip, for short. This little guy was most likely a puppy mill dog. He isn’t really sure how to act like a dog and certainly hadn’t seen grass before. He walks around with his head down…as if he is constrained by a cage. Luckily, he’s been rescued and is doing wonderfully! He’s getting more and more adventurous in his yard and even gets zoomies from time to time! Yay for happy endings!
Mooresville NC Dog Photographer
I was lucky enough to catch him in zoomie-mode! Eeeeek!!!
Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Charlotte NC Dog Photographer
It was a real honor photographing this large pack! Kuddos to their humans for being so loving and kindhearted. This is why I love my clients. Dog lovers are a-okay in my book!

angela - OMG – what amazing pictures, Sarah! We cannot believe the shots you were able to get, especially with Chip!! Love, Love Love them all!! (now, to decide which ones we want to hang on the walls!) :)